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Peter Bachman and Janet Rice
Martha Struthers Farley and Donald
C. Farley, Jr. Family Foundation

Peter and Anne Reich
Ron Sternal and Nancy Gibson

Preservation Sponsors

Lynn and Daniel Brennan

Conservation Sponsors

Susan Boren and Steven King
Harlan Cavert and Linda Odegard
Page and Jay Cowles
Paula and Doug Hemer
Susan and Bruce Henke

Kathryn Hoffman and Brad Thompson
Alexandra Klass and Stephen Warch
Kevin Reuther and Gerry Tyrrell
Mitch and Erin Zamoff

Trailblazer Sponsors

Art and Carol Bourgeois
Daniel Engstrom and Barbara Coffin

Fresh Energy
John and Suzanne Gappa
Beth Goodpaster and Richard Duncan

Thad and Suzy Johnson
Lee Lewis and Stephen Bubul
Debbie Reynolds


David and Judith Arvold
Amber Brennan and James Holmberg
Kristine Carlson and Morrie Wee
Louisa Castner
Ted and Karen Contag
Charles Dayton and Sara Evans

David Dayton and Mary Bolla
Jeffrey and Mary Frush – Frush Family
Peter and Mary Gove
Nancy Haugen
Bud and Carol Hayden
Alex Herman

Lee and Vicki Morgan
Bob Nesheim and Marlys Johnson
Kate and Stuart Nielsen
Paige Stradley and Paul Downing
Michelle Strangis and Steve Pincus
Alan and Claire Thometz
Beth Zemsky


Ellen Anderson
Zarina and Zaheer Baber
Ron Barczak
Anna Barton
Joan Beaver and Doug Seitz
Chuck and Diane Becker
Bonnie Bina
Megan Bond, Veda Kanitz, and Lawrence Sandoval
Breakaway Test Prep
– www.breakawaytestprep.com –
Jeffrey and Erica Broberg
Morgan Burns
Clayton Carlson
Carolyn Carr and Jonathan Sellman
Winston Cavert and Carol Witte
Steven and Kathleen Chesney
Shelley and Scott Christensen
The Coalition for a Clean Minnesota River (CCMR)
Burt Coffin and Eric Mueller
Ann E. Cohen and John Glasenapp
Barbara Crow and Sherry Rovig
Robert Daly
Todd Davenport and Mike Johnson
Steve and Bonnie Decker
Lawrence and Ann Downing
Scott Eastman
Senator Chris Eaton
Susan Flygare

Gardner Builders
Kimara and Eric Gustafson
Lynne Harrington and Paul Blomgren
Chris Heeter
Jennifer Hengelfelt and John Leininger
Max and Mary Hoffman
James Holter and Barbara Possin
Dale Howey
Linda Huhn, Kristin Larsen, and Lawrence Baker
Curtis Johnson
Phyllis Kahn
Eldon and Kathy Kaul
David Kelley
Loni Kemp and Richard Nethercut
Allan Klein and Harriet Lansing
Dr. Ken Klein and Dr. Teresa Quinn
Christopher Knopf
Lakeville Friends of the Environment
Amy Lange and Jane Newman
Thomas and Jeanne Lefevere
James Lenfestey, Greg Laden, Sharon Coombs,
and Barb Corneya
Harvey and Cheryl Leuning
Robert Lopno II
Ruth and Malcolm McCutcheon
Lisa McKhann
Gene Merriam
David and Karen Minge
Chris and Jerry Moench

Frederick Morris and Connie Noterman
Deb Newel and Greg Hrncirik
Matthew Norton and Jane Stockman
Hillary Oppmann and Andy Holdsworth
Rebecca and Shawn Otto
Seth and Chris Peter
Greg and Jenny Peterson
Melinda and Fred Quivik
Patrick Reinhardt
Craig Roen
Loraine Rovig, Phil Adam, and John Wells
Bill and Stephanie Seymour
Katie Simon-Dastych and Jerry Dastych
Patti Slater
Smitty’s Workshop
Keiko Sugisaka and Steve Webb
Chris Tanita
Emily Ten Eyck
Mark Ten Eyck and LaRaye Osborne
Rev. Carol Tomer
Brian and Becky Twamley
Jane Tyrrell
Robert Tyrrell
Mike Unger
Mouli Vaidyanathan
Peter Vaughan and Cathy Anson
Mike and Caroline Walkley
Peter and Kimberly Walsh
Luke Wolf